Jíbaro Strength T-Shirt

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For hundreds of years, Puerto Ricans relied on the bull to cultivate the island’s rich and diverse crops such as sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, and plantains. Farming the island’s land continues to be an honorable occupation that not only utilizes the resources and contributes to economic growth, but also demonstrates pride and character. This shirt design represents the strength, endurance, and prosperity of the Puerto Rican community. 

10% of Jíbaro's profits are donated to its charitable partner organizations. Through your purchase, you are contributing to the training and education of Puerto Ricans and the protection of the island.

Cotton/Poly Blend. Shirt made in the US of imported and US products. Printed in the US. Model is wearing a size Large (L) shirt. 

See our sizing chart for fitting information.

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