Jíbaro Cria Boricua T-Shirt

$ 26.00

Having “Cría”, means the idea of personal determination and courage. This shirt was designed to recognize the bravery, willpower and resiliency that Puerto Ricans continue to demonstrate as they face trial after trial, from hurricanes, to earthquakes, to corrupt government officials, etc. Although the island may only be 100 miles X 35 miles in size, the large spirit that resides in the Puerto Rican jíbaro will not be defeated!

10% of Jíbaro's profits are donated to its charitable partner organizations. Through your purchase, you are contributing to the training and education of Puerto Ricans and the protection of the island.

Cotton/Poly Blend. Shirt made in Central America of imported and US products. Printed in the US. Model is wearing a size Large (L) shirt. 

See our sizing chart for fitting information.

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