• Jíbaro Marble Ornament - Baby Jesús
  • Jíbaro Marble Ornament - Baby Jesús

Jíbaro Marble Ornament - Baby Jesús

$ 8.00

Our collection of Christmas ornaments were created in collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Samuel Ríos Cuevas of Hispanic Legacy Studio. This collection depicts our beloved Magi and baby Jesus in an elegant, artistic, and unique way.

These exclusive Christmas ornaments can be used as decorative pieces in your home or on your Christmas tree. The ornaments are individually crafted, therefore, each one is unique and none are alike.

The ornaments measure 2"x2", are individually wrapped and are made of "Botticino" marble, which is obtained mainly in Verona, Italy. See our FAQ page for more information, including how to take care of your ornaments.

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