• Book "Voces Jíbaras" - M. Oyola Cintrón

Book "Voces Jíbaras" - M. Oyola Cintrón

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The book "Voces Jíbaras" written by, Marcelino Oyola Cintrón, contains the most extensive collection of jíbaro words or "jibarísmos". The purpose of this impressive collection of over 1,150 words or voices, as described by the author, is to preserve the voices of our ancestors. The compilation of these words began in 1965 and culminated in 2017. This initiative involved hundreds of interviews, visits to neighborhoods, homes, nursing homes, etc.

"Voces Jíbaras" is made up of three parts or segments. The first of these, offers a historical-social vision of the jíbaro and the jíbara and their speech. It seeks to answer why, how, when, who and where this phenomenon arises.

In the second section, the author shares with us the list of more than 1,150 jíbaro words and their definition. This is not just any glossary of words, they are words that awaken longings, feelings, memories, that transport us back in time and take us to places where memories reside.

In the third and final section of the book; you will find a wonderful collection of stories, fifteen of them, written with the “jibarísmos” described in the second segment.

I invite you to acquire and read “VOICES JĺBARAS” and be immersed in the world of our Puerto Rican ancestors.

Book written in Spanish. It is NOT translated to English.

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